Starting a business in the midst of a pandemic and making the most of an opportunity.

A letter from the founders.

2020 is a year that will certainly go down in history.

It was the year, where the world suddenly came to a halt and ironically, we had chosen it as the year to kick off our entrepreneurial adventure.

Looking back at December 2019, we had ended the year with this conviction:

"If the last decade has taught us anything, it's that nothing will happen as planned. Life gets weird and confusing, and the only way is to keep pushing forward and not to be afraid to change course when you don't like the direction you're headed. Let 2020 surprise us." It did!

What allowed us to arrive in December 2020 with our dream of opening a business come true, was exactly the same conviction that we could summarize in three words: flexibility, determination and awareness.

This year taught us to adapt to the changes happening around the world by moving the launch of a few months and restructuring the communication and marketing plan. Our positivity never wavered (knowing that ... ‘necessity is the mother of invention’) and we became incessantly aware that it would not have been an easy adventure but that undertaking this path with a healthy dose of ‘lightness’ would have made everything more enjoyable. 

We realized that a company whose genesis happens during such uncertain times prepares you:

- to have ‘obligatory’ and ‘constant’ backup plans, which for a startup are fundamental. One must be open to use creativity and be malleable at all costs.

- to expect the unexpected and once you become aware that anything is possible, imagination has no limits and innovation becomes an unstoppable propulsion force.

- to increase a ‘profitable’ sense of belonging and support towards the people who share your same entrepreneurial adventure in this historical context.

- to relativize problems and to choose in a more conscious and "light" way.

But what do we expect from 2021? What are our plans?

With these assumptions in mind, we believe we have finally built strong foundations for our project. We would like to thank all the women who have joined our community since the early beginnings, from those who have recognized themselves in this vision of beauty, to the ones have contributed to making us enjoy even more the space between where we are and where we are going. We have finally come to the conclusion that having a clear direction is more important than our speed, that determination is everything and believing in something very deeply is key to make it happen. So cheers to all of you, and to us! Here’s to hoping that our vision of beauty will keep empowering women worldwide.

Happy New Year!

Team adesso