Adesso beauty’s Iconic Italian Women

What is the Italian inner bellezza all about? Discover it in our second exclusive gift guide, that combines iconic Italian women personalities with our beauty products!
Hoping that you will get inspired by these amazing and powerful women to gift your friends our beauty treatments and make them feel the unique adesso vibe.

 Chiara Cascella

Beauty queen and founder of independent makeup brand Espressoh, Chiara Cascella’s true force lies in her innovative entrepreneurial spirit, truly representing the epitome of the chic Italian businesswoman always on the go. As the perfect ambassador of her brand, Cascella often dons the perfect shade of lipstick, wears some mascara or some eyeshadow and we believe that she would certainly love The Rebalancing Micellar Gel, for its make-up remover action of our detergent, the perfect item to have in your bag when looking to retouch your perfect pout.
An explosion of freshness and vitality, the product is an essential item to always have a bright and impeccable appearance. 


Licia Florio

Licia Florio can’t be described with any kind of job title. Her sensitivity and romantic spirit work together as the pumping heart that inspires her projects. From fashion icon to a lifestyle guru, Florio always seems to manage to find the perfect balance between health and good vibes, by combining sport and positive energy. A passionate lover of yoga and meditation, we believe that Florio would most likely love wearing The Multi-Protective Face Mask, an innovative product while doing sport to always protect her skin. We are almost certain she would have used it, wearing one of her beautiful yoga kits during yoga or pilates classes.


Gabrielle Caunesil Pozzoli

French yet Italian adopted model turned entrepreneur Gabrielle Caunesil Pozzoli, knows a thing or two about living a life on the go. Spending her twenties travelling the world, shooting big campaigns, she has now settled down in the hills near Bologna, near the factory that makes the clothing for her fashion brand La Semaine. We believe Caunesil Pozzoli would love our Face Recovery Cream, unique for its soft touch that leaves the skin super moisturized, wearing it in the morning before long days, after workout as regenerator and prepping before bed. We imagine that she would have also cherished its extraordinary and enveloping fragrance that brings a feeling of well-being. And maybe she would have also kept it for herself as her secret beauty recipe, being a complete treatment that guarantees a moisturizing, toning and revitalizing action to keep the skin young and radiant.