Happy International Women’s Day!

Ciao Donne,

after a year like no other, supporting and celebrating our global community of women has never been more important, and given the past year and the changes felt by all, it has never been more relevant to celebrate sisterhood, especially this month.Companies backed by female founders or chief executive officers are coming to the forefront of their brands to advocate for female empowerment and the support of young women, and while shopping for beauty products is likely something you do year-round, come March, our purchases can actually mean something more than dewier skin or rosier cheeks.

This is why, here at adesso we’re happy to celebrate all women not only on this day dedicated to them but every single day, by providing them the best treatments to take care of themselves, every single day of their lives.

Since the beginning, we have been championing with our approach, the beauty for contemporary women, always “on the go”; women that are naturally beautiful because they dedicate time and energy to fulfil themselves, courageous women that give themselves an opportunity to realize their dreams, projects and ambitions. We want to be by their side in their daily life, in the moments of traditional beauty and not (given the essence of our brand and positioning ‘beauty on the go’).

We will keep celebrating the beauty of strong, independent women who are building their own pathway into the world step by step.

After all, every woman has the power to transform her world.

Happy Women’s Day!

con amore,
Enrica, Cecilia & Mariolina