How to welcome spring season

With the return of spring, it's time for revitalization, both in nature and in our well-being. However, the transition from winter chill to springtime revival can be a challenging period for our bodies, with rising temperatures, seasonal allergies, and longer, sunnier days. Where can we find the right energy and vitality to face this change?


Spring Awakening: Confronting Fatigue with Determination

Our bodies are confronted with all these sudden changes. Feeling tired and lacking in energy, both mentally and physically, is normal. The lack of vitamins and minerals due to changes in diet or decreased appetite can exacerbate this feeling of fatigue. To counterbalance this sense of exhaustion, it's important to consume a diet rich in nutrients and specific supplements.


Improving Sleep and Reducing Stress

Insomnia can be a common problem during this transitional period. To promote better sleep, we recommend using lavender essence to spray on your pillow or in the room before bedtime like the Pillow Mist by adesso, or taking melatonin, one of the key hormones along with serotonin that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Another effective method for reducing stress and improving sleep is engaging in sports for at least thirty minutes a day.


Smart Choice of Supplements

Earlier, we mentioned how important it is during the change of seasons to ensure that we're consuming all the necessary nutrients to support our well-being. Multivitamin and multimineral supplements can be valuable allies in ensuring an optimal intake of essential vitamins and minerals. In particular, it's good to choose supplements that contain vitamins A, C, D, E, and B-group vitamins, essential for maintaining high energy levels and supporting the immune system. Among the minerals, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and copper are important for the body's well-being and contribute to providing energy and reducing feelings of fatigue. These are ideal products for the summer season as well, when excessive sweating leads to loss of many minerals and vitamins that need to be replenished. The Glowy and Balanced Skin supplements by adesso are excellent allies to face the change of seasons and prepare for summer. They contain the essential vitamins for this change, echinacea, which helps strengthen our immune system, and hyaluronic acid for skin hydration from within.


Priority to Vitamin D

Despite the increase in hours of sunlight, it's important to maintain adequate levels of vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for calcium absorption and for the proper functioning of the immune system. Make sure to include foods rich in vitamin D (ex. fish, eggs) in your diet or consider taking supplements if necessary.


Choosing Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

During spring, it's the ideal time to enjoy the fresh and colorful flavors of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Among the fruits, we find, for example:

  • strawberries, rich in minerals and vitamin C
  • kiwis, rich in water, fiber, and vitamins C and K
  • pears, rich in minerals, especially potassium, and fiber, which provide satiating properties.

Among the vegetables, stand out:

  • asparagus with high diuretic properties that help drain fluids and toxins, as well as being rich in fiber, vitamins (A, C, and some B-group vitamins), and minerals.
  • fennel, rich in water and therefore an excellent diuretic, is a source of vitamin A, C, and B. Moreover, it is known for its properties aiding digestion and reducing abdominal bloating.
  • artichokes, rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamin K, which is a boon for bone health. They are also rich in iron and copper, two minerals very important for the generation of blood cells.


Conclusion: Embrace Change with Enthusiasm

In summary, the transition from winter to spring can be a challenge for our bodies, but with the right strategies, we can face it with determination and vitality. Maintaining a balanced diet, taking the right supplements, and dedicating time to physical activity are just some of the ways to ensure a smooth transition to the warmer months. Always remember to listen to your body and adapt your habits according to your individual needs. Spring is the ideal time to be reborn and renewed, so embrace change with enthusiasm and determination!