Guide to the Fuorisalone between beauty and design

The Milan Design Week has been the perfect stage to celebrate the creativity and design that have dominated the scene this month. As the city streets reflected the buzz of the event, we immersed ourselves in the Fuorisalone, delving into a world of inspiration, innovation and beauty in search of artists who would inspire us with their extraordinary creations.

One of the brands that caught our attention is La Nena, a Spanish furniture brand dedicated to collaborating with local artisans to create unique pieces. At their store in Milan, located at Via Santa Marta 3, in collaboration with the A Vida design studio, they transformed the space into an immersive experience that evokes the grandeur of the northwestern Spanish rock formations. With earthy colors, natural materials, and organic shapes, La Nena took us on a sensory journey that evokes the desire for moments of lightness and uniqueness, much like our Face Recovery Cream.

Arjumands amazed with a nomadic tent adorned with French embroideries and a touch of Chinese elegance.

Artemest partnered with the Gachot studio to create an internal courtyard that seamlessly blends comfort and aesthetics. Their attention to practicality and elegance mirrors the values that guide the creation of our products.

Giopato&Coombes presented A Thousand Landscapes, an installation revealing a landscape of luminous compositions that invites the observer to experience perspective as they move through space between the visible and the invisible. Movement, lightness, and transparency intertwine in a work that recalls the delicacy of our Multi-Protective Face Mask.

Palazzo Litta hosts a series of installations that are capturing the imagination of the public. Among these, "Under the Willow Tree" by Sara Ricciardi invites viewers to immerse themselves in the branches of a weeping willow, "Shadows & Poems" by Eliurpi presents creations in straw that reinterpret traditional craftsmanship in a contemporary light, and "Straordinaria", an evocative project inspired by the lightness of clouds, where air and warmth become architecture. An unexpected and magical ethereal space, designed by the Japanese design studio we+.

Design Space AlUla: the exhibition design by Studio Sabine Marcelis and CLOUD has garnered admiration for their attention to materiality and innovation.

Lasvit, at Palazzo Isimbardi, showcases the installation "Re/Creation", which redefines the relationship between glass and architecture, demonstrating extraordinary technical skill and creativity.

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