Winter Skincare Tips

As winter brings with it a magic of snowy landscapes and cozy evenings, it can also put our skin to the test. With the right advice, however, we can tackle this challenge and keep our skin radiant and healthy during the coldest months of the year.

Here are some tips:




1. Know where your skin reactions come from : it is the weather or something you're using ?!

Understanding your skin's needs is the first step to an effective beauty routine. Dermatologists suggest that a complete change of your skincare regimen every season isn't necessary. Instead, it’s really usefull developing an awareness of how your skin reacts to different environments and products. Have you ever ask to youself  whether your skin is dry due to winter weather or because of certain products? How can you understand it? Dry skin often appears dull and may become oily as the day progresses. Intead, damaged skin, typically from product use, may be red and sensitive. If your case is the second one, take a step back and opt for gentler products until your skin rebalances.


2. Be gentle with cleansing :

During winter, it's crucial to be gentle with our dry or dehydrated skin. Avoid harsh cleansers that can strip the skin of essential oils. Opt instead for gel, oil, balm, or milk-based cleansers, and use warm water and a soft cloth for gentle cleansing. Look for moisturizing ingredients like witch hazel (Hamamelis) , aloe, and glycerin to maintain skin moistured. The Rebalancing Micellar Gel by adesso is an ideal treatment of cleansing and hydration during cold days.


3. Take a break from hars facial scrubs :

While exfoliation is important for removing dead skin cells, it's essential to do so with care during winter when the skin is already stressed. Look for gentle exfoliating acids rather than abrasive scrubs. Some people may be able to continue using them at the same frequency despite weather changes, but others may find their skin too sensitive in winter and they need to temporarily eliminate them.


4. Maintain your skin barrier :

The skin barrier is your first line of defense against cold and dry winds. Strengthen it with products rich in ceramides that help seal moisture into the skin. Ceramides are lipids, or fats, that prevent water from escaping through small fissures in our skin barrier. It's interesting to note that the skin recognizes ceramides because they're naturally produced by our sebaceous glands. As the weather gets colder, our sebaceous glands become smaller, and we produce fewer ceramides, making our skin drier. Products containing niacinamide, which promotes ceramide production and reduces inflammation, can also be used. The Face Recovery Cream by adesso, containing a restorative complex with ceramide derivatives, it is a great option for maintaining good skin hydration


5. Applying  skin products using layering technique :

The key to an effective winter beauty routine is layering products using a few effective ones. Start with a gentle cleanser, preferably a gel, then follow with a toner, intensely hydrating cream, and sunscreen starting from 30 SPF. This ensures that your skin receives all the moisturizing ingredients it needs without overloading it. Remember to always start with lightweight, water-based products before moving on to denser textures. These four products by adesso could be the perfect combination for a complete and healthy routine : the Rebalancing Micellar Gel cleanser , Active Mist used as a toner , the Face Recovery Cream moisturizer , and last but not least the Trasparent Sun Stick – high protection (SPF 50).


6. Limit shower time :

A hot shower or bath is a much-desired indulgence on a cold day, but remember that water that's too hot can strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and dehydrated. To warm your body, 10 minutes of shower or a bath with lukewarm water is sufficient. In the three minutes after you step out of the water, it's beneficial to apply cream to damp skin as it's more receptive and absorbs the product more easily.


7. Don’t forget your lips :

Lips can suffer damage during winter due to cold and dry winds. Use a moisturizing and protective lip balm to keep lips soft and hydrated such as the Oily Lip Treatment by adesso with its barrier-building formula


By following these simple tips and adapting your beauty routine to your skin's needs, you can protect and maintain your facial skin's radiance and health during the winter months.