Beauty & Sport : a new concept of active beauty.

Every respected beauty editor or skin specialist knows that a successful skincare routine is made up of three essential steps: cleansing, protecting and moisturizing. Whether you want to add anything to it, it’s up to you.

However, what many women don’t know is that the skin is a true breathing organ and a lifestyle in motion increases the activity of the skin by dilating its pores more. Active women are more exposed to the harmful effects of exogenous factors (pollution, sweating, free radicals and toxins) that negatively affect the balance of the skin. Everything we have on our skin (makeup, sebum and impurities) penetrates with ease, preventing the skin from breathing and encouraging the formation of bacterial areas and imperfections.

This is where adesso products come in.

Bridging the gap between beauty and science, adesso has formulated a simple three-step routine that can be used to cleanse, protect and moisturize the skin of women while working out, doing yoga or playing their favorite sport!

These products can be used together as an active three-step beauty routine or by themselves, it’s your choice!


First up is the Rebalancing Micellar Gel, the perfect prep for workout skin. Thanks to its micelles, small purifying particles, it removes impurities on the surface and revitalizes the skin with excellent pore-refiner action. Characterized by a light texture (without greasy film), the gel contains Hamamelis leaf water, with rebalancing and antioxidant properties, which allows the cleanser to be an excellent "starter" to restore and rebalance the skin, preparing it for subsequent treatments. The gel also contains Citrus extract, known for its revitalizing (rich in vitamin C) and astringent properties.


Next up is the Multi-protective Face Mask, the revolutionary skincare treatment that can be used while working out. This invisible face mask can be applied at any time of the day, in a particular way during moments of intense physical activity, when the skin becomes really receptive to treatments as the pores expand and the product is able to penetrate more effectively. The treatment leaves a thin invisible layer on the epidermal surface, allowing the skin to breathe and preserving its physiological pH and balance. The mix of Bisabolol (an active extract from chamomile) and Ginger extract will ensure anti-irritant and anti-redness properties to protect the skin.


Last but not least is the Face Recovery Cream (to be applied after workout on cleansed skin), a cream designed to regenerate tired and stressed skin, providing a regenerating and moisturizing effect. This effective treatment, which contains soothing Calendula extract will renew the skin back to its normal well-being and giving it a naturally younger look.


What are you waiting for? Let’s do it!