adesso : Instructions for Use

The world of beauty is sometimes so hard to navigate without instructions. There are so many creams, serums, gels, moisturizers, it is so hard to find the perfect product to use! Knowing the beauty industry inside out, here at adesso, we have established a series of steps in which you can use our products. You just have to follow our instructions. 

First up is the Rebalancing Micellar Gel. The product can be used every morning, before your daily beauty routine, and also throughout the day, according to your needs. The gel is also perfect for cleansing your skin before (and after) a workout session. We suggest you to apply it on dry skin with a cotton pad, without rinsing. This rinse-free cleanser, besides being an eco-friendly choice for reduced water consumption, is ideal for all women who want to remove make-up or scrub their face even when they are not at home. The no-rinse cleansers are also excellent for women with very dry skin. Its gel-like texture allows a routine made up of soft and delicate cleansing, avoiding any rubbing or redness. It is truly perfect for all women and skin types! 

adesso believes that masks are like opinions, everyone should have one! This is why we created our second product, the Multi-Protective Face Mask. Created to be used at any time of day, this ready-to-wear mask is the ‘beauty hero’ of a life on the move. With the face mask, moments of care and activity come together and are facilitated by its ‘easy to use’, light and invisible texture, which requires no rinsing. By applying a thin layer of mask on cleansed skin, your skin will be immediately protected from external factors (pollution, oxidative stress, climatic factors...), moisturized and delicately scented. The mask can also be used on sunny days as it also includes UVB and UVA filters (SPF 15), which will protect the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. Last but not least, we suggest trying this product while doing pilates, yoga, workouts, it is the perfect companion for your a full-circle psycho-physical mindset. Like the Gel, this feminine product has been developed for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It is a non comedogenic product suitable even for the most impure skins and is excellent for preventing redness and preserving its hydration and health. The mask also works like a charm under makeup. 

The beauty routine is completed with the Face Recovery Cream. The cream is ideal as a daily moisturizing treatment and will be the perfect booster treatment to enhance the action of the mask. This product should be applied on cleansed face and neck during the day, to regenerate the skin. Its unique fragrance which combines delicate floral, sweet, musky and woody notes exudes femininity, comfort and well-being. It can also be applied before bed, giving the skin a restful and rejuvenating look and in the morning ready to face a new day. Likewise, our other products, although differing in texture, the cream adapts to all skin types and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin thanks to its extraordinary soothing action.


What are you waiting for? All you have to do is try.