adesso Muse: Meet Emilie Fouilloux.

Every brand has a muse. Yves Saint Laurent had memorable faces such as Catherine Denueve, Loulou de la Falaise, and Betty Catroux; Valentino had Jackie Kennedy and Diana Vreeland – the list could truly go forever as each brand (and its respective creative directors) takes inspiration from marvellous women all around the world.

And while beauty brands nowadays should try to cater to every woman, we would like to present to you one of our muses – a Milan-based strong, empowered woman of French origins – whose love for merging the Italian and French cultures and beauty ideals makes her the quintessential representative the adesso beauty philosophy.

Meet Emilie Fouilloux.

Creative director of the Cigognola Castle, Beauty Editor of Lampoon Magazine, Dancer and part of the team of What Dance Can Do For You, a charity which gives sick or disadvantaged children the possibility of expressing themselves through dance, Emilie Fouilloux is many things.

“Beauty for me means a lot. Beauty gives me energy and I am not talking about physical beauty but personality,” she states when asked about the meaning of beauty.

Taking inspiration from the world of movement, dance and paintings. Fouilloux appreciates beauty that evokes emotions that stay in your head and make you think and rethink about it.

It comes as no surprise that given that adesso is a brand that promotes beauty for dynamic women – and being a woman always on the go and a dancer – Fouilloux’s beauty routine respects that: “My skincare routine is all about hydration, massaging my face and then slapping it with small slaps, of course, to let circulate the blood,” she explains. “I like my beauty routine – it’s a nice time I take for myself, as I like to take good care of my face and body by using good organic or natural beauty products. It is my sweet body, we only have one!” she continues.

And what does adesso  mean for her? “I associate adesso to spontaneity and natural values. It is special because it’s the result of three sisters that wanted to do something good for all of us. And that’s what a beauty brand today should do: aid beauty but have a natural and healthy component.”