Back to school, how to keep the healthy summer glow

Back to the city, how to keep that healthy summer glow and ensure that the skin doesn’t end turning dull and opaque? Starting to follow an ad hoc beauty routine that helps our skin to become soft again, moisturized and radiant is therefore essential. adesso beauty knows a thing about taking care of skin in a way that won’t stress it out too much, so here are adesso beauty’s post-holiday beauty tips to regain a healthy and radiant look


The first fundamental step of any self-respecting beauty routine? Cleansing. To have an even complexion and restore radiance to the skin, which for too long has been stressed for too long due to continuous exposure to the sun, you need proper cleansing. Micellar cleansers are a great beauty secret that can remove any residue of make-up, remove any impurities and thoroughly cleanse the skin without "attacking" it too much. adesso beauty’s Rebalancing Micellar Gel by now not only cleanses and removes make-up from the face, but also provides a formidable moisturizing and soothing action, great for even the most sensitive skin. The gel texture guarantees an exceptional sensation of comfort, preventing possible irritation.

Exfoliation also plays a crucial role in skin care, especially after a summer spent at the beach. To refine the skin's texture, remove dead skin cells and promote glow, there is nothing better than an exfoliating treatment. Poudre Exfoliante by Oh My Cream, is an exfoliating powder that transforms into a soft mousse when in contact with water, ideal for all skin types. The important thing is to apply it to the skin at least 2-3 times per week.

Preparing the skin for the next treatment has now become a must thanks to the light and fresh face mist, a panacea to soothe, provide extra hydration and reveal the natural radiance of the complexion. Active Mist by adesso rebalances, tones and moisturizes the skin of the face, favoring the absorption and effectiveness of subsequent treatments.

Finally, once back from the holidays, the imperative must be one: moisturize, moisturize and moisturize to restore the correct rate of hydration of the skin. To do so, choose treatments that can provide intense hydration, able to act deeper and make the skin softer. adesso’s Face Recovery Cream has an ultra-soft texture that adapts to all skin types, leaving it perfectly moisturized and comforted. Apply it at least twice a day, in a generous layer and you will immediately notice its beneficial effects on your skin.

And what about you? What does your beauty routine look like? Let us know and try out ours to see if it fits your skin type.