Happy Birthday adesso !

Letter from the founders

This week, one year ago, more or less accustomed to the pandemic that had stopped our world, we launched adesso.
adesso is so much more than a beauty brand; adesso is a philosophy that celebrates the movement and beauty of dynamic women.
It all stemmed from an observation: the lack of time of contemporary women. This idea, combined with the dream of creating a family-driven project led us to finally concretise this project. Our aim was then to ensure every busy woman was made to feel unique and beautiful, as well as empowered.

One year after the launch, hundreds of women have recognized themselves in this philosophy and, after trying our products, have chosen to embrace an essential beauty routine that is no less glowy and gives optimal results, if not better than a normal beauty routine.

We are so happy to have fulfilled this dream of ours: all of the DMs on Instagram, emails, comments received from our community of clients never let us forget why we started all this. When we got to meet all of you online and offline during our community events, work-out classes, at our first Pop-up in Rinascente Milano, we knew we were on the right track, even though we were the first to talk about dynamic beauty, in an industry that has always pushed women to be aesthetically b eautiful without any extra quid. This makes us proud every day, as being an entrepreneur trying to change things in the beauty industry is definitely not easy, but doing it with a purpose has another flavour.
The enthusiasm for the launch of our latest products, the energy of all the women who have supported us since day 0, the community that makes us feel special every day, the suppliers who have started and shared this journey with us are just a few of the many people who we can't thank enough for this wild ride, because it also helps us bring forth the project with an even more positive attitude.

And what next? We are, of course, working on many projects, new products, and planning to expand our business to other countries (because in addition to Italy and France, we would like to share this vision of beauty worldwide). And so much more.

The best is yet to come!

Enrica, Cecilia and Mariolina